Vídeo de outubro

“Como se podem colocar os meios de comunicação ao serviço de uma cultura del encuentro?”

Ao fim de 10 meses:

  • Cristo continua a ser o grande ausente desta série.
  • A fobia ao crucifixo mantém-se.

Como colocar estes vídeos ateus ao serviço de Jesus Cristo?


Basto 10/2016

2 thoughts on “Vídeo de outubro

    • Hi Mac, it’s good to see you around, I hope you are all right and your ladies as well. I’ve just woken up, today it’s national holiday in Portugal, it’s the “implantation of the republic day” so I stayed in bed as I believe in the monarchy.

      From my point of view, the whole conception of these video series represents a big sacrilege of an obviously planned indifference, where Jesus, Mary, the saints, the doctrine or the devotions give place to a kind of an ecumenical and non-Christian belief.

      They always come with meticulous footage so you never get any view of the Pope’s pectoral crucifix. As far as I can remember, the only crucifix that you can see in ten videos it’s that one in January, it lasts less than two seconds and it’s behind the “holy” Buda and everybody else. Here:

      The one of May, about women, conspicuously forgets Our Lady! And so on…

      Many people don’t know but these videos are actually a product conceived by a company based in Buenos Aires and Barcelona called “La Machi”, which is in charged to “restore the link between the Catholic Church and its followers”. The “Clicktopray app” it’s another of their products in the market.


      Our Pope preaches against the evils of capitalism, but he hires a company of marketing to sell his own message… God help us!

      As Juan Della Torre says (he is the CEO at ‘La Machi’), “the Church and marketing speak the same language”, so it’s the “God’s marketing”. Then forget the Grace, we are living different times my brother.

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